Finance Your New Build or Remodel

Low Monthly Payments / Low Intrest Rate

Consider Financing Instead of a One Lump Sum Payment

Your pool is an investment in relaxation, fun, excitement, entertainment and more. Not only will it keep your family happy, it will also be paradise for the next family living in your home should you decide to sell. A pool can increase your property value and add curb appeal. When considering this investment, think about investing in long lasting quality. You may want to consider 100% financing with no down payments, consolidation loans, or second mortgage. Another consideration may be building the pool at the same time as your home and including it in your first mortgage. You should ask your pool builder about their financing options and see what they have to offer. The options are abundant when it comes to financing your paradise.

What About Landscaping

The many functions of landscaping include beauty, privacy, wind protection, shade, and segregating play and garden areas from poolside. It's important to consider what plants will be around your pool. Some plants, shrubs, trees and flowers make better choices than others when your paradise includes a new pool.

Consider The Pool Equipment

When choosing all the options for your pool, the most important consideration is, "How will I clean my pool?" There are many cleaners on the market today, none are more automated and achieve the results of a In-floor pool cleaning system. In-floor systems require almost no maintenance and distribute pool chemicals evenly throughout the pool. A Pool & Spa System offers in-floor cleaning and circulation systems for concrete, vinyl, and fiberglass pools. With a Hayward In-floor system your pool will clean itself so you don't have to.

Decking & Interior Surface

When it comes to decking you might want to think big. Poolside pleasure is an important component in the over all enjoyment of your pool. Think about poolside seating, lounges and shaded havens. Rolled bond beam, a technique that allows landscaping to come near the edge of the pool, can provide a nice alternative to decking when space is limited. As for the pool interior, there are many beautiful surfaces available for your pool interior, contact your us to view what's available. Some finishes look like natural stone, while others can help enhance the natural beauty of water.

Cool Water Features for a Small Additional Cost

Not only does an elegant water feature bring years of extra enjoyment, but also it's an investment that adds to the value of your new pool and home. Beautiful rock waterfalls, therapeutic spas, sparkling fountains, raised spillways, cozy party coves and more! Exciting water features are the final touches you need to create that perfect setting.

Get a Solar Heated Pool

Solar can often double the time you spend in your pool each year. This provides you more time for fun, exercise and relaxation in your pool. A Solar Pool Heating system will double the value of your investment. (also, see the Solar Tax Credits to bring costs down even further)

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