Installing Your New Solar Pool System (The 4 Hour Install)

Solar can often double the time you spend in your pool each year. This provides you more time for fun, exercise and relaxation in your pool. A Solar Pool Heating system will double the value of your investment. (see Solar Tax Credits)

  • Low Cost.
  • Limited 15 year warranty including freeze protection
  • Designed to be effectively windproof — No holes in flat roof, no adhesives or straps
  • Either roof or ground mounts
  • Residential and Commercial
  • Solar Tax Credits

Instillation of Your Solar Pool System

The SolarSpiral™ is a low-cost, low-maintenance water heating system ideal for heating your pool. The SolarSpiral's black coils collect the sun's heat and transfer it to the circulating water. No monthly utility bills, no polution, and no harm to the environment. The unique SolarSpiralTM coil design is based on a high performance material that was created for the mining industry in the 50's where it is still in use. It was adapted for the swimming pool use in the early 80's. Because of its mining origins, it is very durable -- no other solar set-up can match it. As a result, we can offer an unmatched full (i.e. not pro-rated) 15 year warranty including freeze protection.

Easy, Low-cost Instillation and maintenance free

We tailor our system specifically for your pool and it can go just aboutanywhere. This allows us to install your system without the old limitations of solar; forget the south-facing roof line! Our lightweight, freeze-resistant, and leak-proof solar collectors can be installed on flat patio roofs or on the ground without the need for an expensive rack. SolarTech's simplicity means low installation charges.

Low Cost Way to Add Value To Your Home

Solar energy is a home improvement that adds sales value to your home. It can double the time you spend in your pool each year, providing you and your family with more exercise and pleasure and will double the value of your investment. The system has an estimated payback period of 1-2 years.

ROC License

Rated by the SRCC

SolarTech collectors are the only coil-type solar collectors rated by SRCC. Don't be fooled by imitations make sure your contractor specifies only genuine SolarTech SolarSpiral Collectors!

View our license.

If your would like to view our licence with the State of Arizona ROC: C-37R 277425

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